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An Association With One Main Aim:     To Protect the Natural and Built Environment    

tractor and treeFormed to protect and enhance the unspoilt natural beauty, tranquility and rural amenity of the Wiggonholt area, the Wiggonholt Association has widened its mission to include the protection of the Sussex countryside, the built environment and the natural environment in general.                            

The WA has never been a  protest or campaigning group. It has earned respect and become influential by using informed argument, backed by a thorough knowledge of the planning system and local government procedures. This approach was decisive in obtaining charitable status.                            

Apart from co-operating with other environmental organisations, we support country pursuits, nature reserves, farming, archaeology, ecology and biodiversity, the preservation of the Sussex Downs, the re-development of urban areas, strategic gaps of inviolate country and the containment of housing and minerals apportionments for West Sussex.


Public Footpaths and Bridleways

wiggonholt footpath


A network of public rights-of-way runs in and around Wiggonholt and is much used by walkers and riders alike. It includes a WSCC “Heritage Trail” featuring historic places. A leaflet of the Trail is available from Tourist Offices and many of the artifacts found on sites can be seen at Worthing Museum.